Brett Runchman

Financial Director

Hazel Bunting



Niki Seymour

Senior Student Mentor (Teaseldown School) - Hi my name is Niki; I have been working for Exceptional Ideas Ltd (Teaseldown) since 2013. When I first started with exceptional ideas I was appointed as maths co-ordinater, after 18months I was promoted to Senior Student Mentor. I am currently studying for a diploma in autism and enjoy that every day at work is different.

Michael Jones

Senior Student Mentor (Primrose Hill School) - I am the operational Senior Student Mentor for Primrose Hill School and as such I am responsible for the day to day running of the school. I particularly enjoy teaching English and science and also run the drama club. It’s my personal goal in life to make Primrose Hill School as fun a place to work and learn as possible. This is a mission I take as seriously as a bottle of frogs.

Genevieve Collins

Senior Student Mentor- (Brookview) - Hi I’m Genni and I work at Brookview School. I am the Therapeutic lead within this school and the Child Protection Officer. I’ve always worked in childcare from the age of 17. Starting with being a Deputy Manager at a Children’s nursery’s to working in primary schools as a Teacher Assistant and a SENCO co-ordinator. I have two children and two dogs myself so as you can imagine, I have a very busy life but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve been working for Exceptional Ideas for just over a year now and I absolutely love it. Every day is different and really rewarding to achieve happiness and fun in young people’s lives.

Jenny Bunting

Deputy Director - Hi I'm Jenny and I have worked for Exceptional Ideas for nearly 5 years now! I started at Teaseldown school when it was teeny tiny and have worked my way through the company so that I now lead on all Assessments and Quality Control. I work in all of the schools and me and Anni work really closely together to try and make sure everyone gets what they need. If you have any ideas for fun stuff to do - come see me!!

Anni Turner

Deputy Director - I am the Senior Therapeutic Student Mentor and have been working at Exceptional Ideas for nearly 5 years. I work across all 3 schools and lead all therapeutic work with the help of my therapeutic minions. I also work extremely closely with Jenny so there is a smooth link between the therapeutic and curriculum side of things. I like to go out on activities and can usually be found in a park or playing some kind of game.

Christine Sadler

Senior Student Mentor (Training and Development) - Hi my name is Chris and I have been with Exceptional Ideas Ltd since September 2013. I am the senior for all staff training and development, which involves identifying staff training needs and planning, organising and overseeing appropriate training, either for individuals or groups of employees. I also design and assess the training programmes, always looking at ways of introducing new tools and techniques support the staff and hopefully make it more fun. Most of all I love my job!

Melanie Sharpe

Senior Student Mentor for Data Management - I am the child protection officer at Primrose Hill School and have responsibility for most of the admin that takes place in the school. I enjoy teaching maths and food tech. In a previous life I was a minion working for the Evil over-lord Felonious Gru. I am much happier now.

Administration and Site Management

Paula Stacey

Senior Administrator - I started work for Exceptional Ideas Ltd in April 2013, starting as admin assistant and progressing to Senior Administrator. I can be found in the office at Teaseldown School in Sible Hedingham. I enjoy my work and love it when the students pop in to say hello and bring me pictures for my wall.

Diane Russell

Admin Assistant - Hi, I'm Di and I've been working with Exceptional Ideas Ltd at Teaseldown School since the end of November 2017 as Admin Assistant. I have a strong background in administration and enjoy my work plus I love learning new skills.

Richard Nunn

Site Manager

Ben Carter

Website - Hi I’m Ben, and I look after the website for Exceptional Ideas, making sure it is up to date. I am mostly at Brook View school where I make the teas and coffees, and I really enjoy the environment there.

Teaseldown School Mentors

Alison Goode

Student Mentor (Transition Coordinator)- Hi I'm Ali, I have worked at Teaseldown since September 2014 and I am the geography Co-ordinator for all schools, the Child Protection Lead and Transition lead for Teaseldown School. I studied Business and Finance at the University of Wolverhampton and, after completing my studies, I worked in the NHS for 20 years. I accept people as they are and I believe that every person should be treated as individual.

Ashlie Rhodes

Student Mentor (Therapeutic Lead) - Hi my name is Ashlie and I work at Teaseldown. I am the coordinator for English and also the therapeutic lead at the school. I have been with Exceptional Ideas since 2014, previously I worked in a mainstream school. I enjoy every aspect of my job and am proud to be part of the team.

Cheryl Eden

Student Mentor - My name is Cheryl, I have been working for Exceptional Ideas at Teaseldown school since September 2013 and I am the history coordinator. Before coming to work here I have previously worked for Essex County Council and for The Home Farm Trust. As well as History, my favourite subject is art and I particularly enjoy drawing and painting.

Daniele Moffatt

Student Mentor (Student Induction Coordinator) - My name is Daniele I am a student mentor at Teaseldown school, I have worked with Exceptional Ideas for a year. I coordinate on the therapeutic side and I’m also responsible for the activities that the students undertake. I like every aspect of my job as no two days are the same.

Sian Cripps

Student Mentor- Hello. I am a student mentor and science coordinator at Teaseldown school. My background is in musical theatre and I like to bring a creative element to my role. I love working at Exceptional Ideas as I get great satisfaction from the work I do.

Fiona Drury

Student Mentor- Hi, I'm Fiona and I am new to Exceptional Ideas and I am going to be working between all three schools. I have just completed an undergraduate degree in philosophy. My favourite subject is English and I love learning new things and having fun :).

Sam De Freitas

Student Mentor- Hi, my name is Sam. Teaseldown is the first school I have worked in, and I am really looking forward to learning with the students. My favourite lesson is maths, but I love hands on activities, and am always interested in trying something new.

Lydia Butterley

Student Mentor - Hi, my name is Lydia, I am originally from Lancashire. Throughout my career I have worked with vulnerable adults, in a nursery and in a school for 7 years. I enjoy cooking, baking, reading, walking and having fun!

Robert Hepden

Student Mentor - Hi I’m Rob I’ve been working at Exceptional Ideas since January I am an assistant student mentor I have mostly worked in the care sector with mental health and learning disability, this is the first time I’ve worked in a school and I’m enjoying work with the students in a fun and challenging environment.

Chelsea Bernadine

Student Mentor - Hi I'm Chelsea, I started at Teasledown in July 2017. I've been in the care environment since I was 17. I previously worked as a healthcare assistant at Addenbrookes hospital, on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward. I would say I'm a creative, caring and bubbly person who is willing to try and learn new things!

Tracy Little

Student Mentor - I'm Tracy Little, but prefer Trace!! My previous experience in working with children was mainly on a volunteer basis as a football manager and then coaching netball for my local primary school. I've recently started as an assistant student mentor at Teaseldown School, May 2017, and have loved getting to know all of the students and building relationships with everybody. I would hope to work with the therapeutic team in future and look forward to helping to make a difference in the lives of these amazing children.

Debbie Ely

Student Mentor - Hi, I'm Debbie. I'm the newest team member at Teaseldown school and one of the mentors. I previously worked for 6 years in Education Welfare for Essex County Council and really enjoying getting to know the kids here. I have a keen interest in Child protection and enjoy English, Maths and Biology.

Brook View School Mentors

Becky Smith

Student Mentor - Hi, my name is Becky, I joined the team at Brookview in September 2015. I have 2 children, one of whom suffers with ADHD and Autism. I have a background in accounts, which will come in handy as I am caretaker in maths.

Emma Robertson

Student Mentor (Therapeutic Lead) - I am a student mentor at Brookview. I joined in April 2015. I used to work in a children's nursery and run a youth club. Tada :)

Zoe Brown

Assistant Student Mentor (Student Induction Coordinator)- Hi I'm Zoe, I am new to Exceptional Ideas and looking forward to this exciting new adventure. Previously I have worked with vulnerable adults within the community. I have a strong passion for media and I love listening to music. My favourite subjects are Food Tech and Science.

Emma Bird

Student Mentor - My name is Emma, I graduated in 2015 and have a degree in criminology and sociology. Since then I have travelled South East Asia where I was able to experience first-hand different cultures and religions. I have worked with children at a Summer Camp in America as well as working in various other play schemes within the UK. I am now looking forward to pursuing my career working at Brookview and expanding on my knowledge and experience. In my spare time I like to do arts and crafts and bake cakes.

Christy Haddock

Student mentor (Transition Coordinator) - Hi i'm Christy, i have a degree in adult and child psychology. I joined Teaseldown to share my creativity and passion of working with children and seeing them succeed in their goals and dreams. My favourite subjects are Food Tech and Art. I love hands on activities and trying anything new. I am crazy about Christmas and anything that sparkles and glitters.

Debbie Mason

Student Mentor - Hi my name is Debbie, I'm new to Exceptional Ideas and have worked in the care industry for over 20 years. I have mainly worked with vulnerable adults within residential settings and in the community although I have worked with children with special educational needs in the past during my work experience which I found very rewarding although challenging at times. I was also a volunteer for Mencap for the summer activity centres whilst I was at college assisting children from ages 6-19 in many types of activities such as canoeing, indoor rock climbing , archery and swimming.

Sammi Breslin

Student Mentor - Hi I'm Sammi, I am new to Exceptional Ideas and I'm looking forward to a new adventure here. I have worked with youth offenders, animals and vulnerable adults with learning disabilities. I love the fact that every day is different.

Roisin Leahy

Student Mentor - I graduated with a degree in English Lit from the University of Manchester in June this year. I also have a variety of experience working with young people with additional needs, so a role with Exceptional Ideas Ltd, seemed like a good fit! I also ejoy the fact that every day is different.

Primrose Hill School Mentors

Laurence Hails

Student Mentor - I am a Student Mentor whose responsibilities include geography, technology and activity co-ordination. I enjoy encouraging and engaging with students through activity based learning.

Lucy Faulkner

Student Mentor - I have worked for Exceptional Ideas ltd since September 2010. I currently hold the position of Induction Coordinator at Primrose Hill School. I have a varied job history, having worked in the hospitality industry, care work, and driving instruction. I am currently studying for a Level 3 diploma in Child Development.

Nicola Davis

Student Mentor - I am a Student Mentor with previous experience with PMLD students. I enjoy being creative both in art and food tech and am involved in PE activities group. I am adventurous and enjoy kayaking, canoeing and all physical outdoor activities and encourage the student to participate.

Hannah Kinsey

Student Mentor (Therapeutic Lead) - I am a Student Mentor whom previously worked in main stream schools on a one to one basis with children who have additional needs. I enjoy teaching art, STEAM and English. In the near future, I will be supporting in writing the art plans for the STEAM projects.

Claire Waspe

Student Mentor (Transition Coordinator) - I work at the Primrose Hill school. I am currently in my third year of a humanities degree and will be graduating 2020. I have a varied background having worked as a retail manager and support worker. My favourite subjects are music, art, drama and humanities.

Johanne Tighe

Student Mentor (Child Protection Officer and Student induction coordinator)- I am a Student Mentor for Primrose Hill School and have previous experience working as a High Level Teaching Assistant with Special Educational Needs. I have been here since January, and like to make learning fun so that the students enjoy their time at school.

Sara Kayley

Student Mentor - I have just started working for Exceptional Ideas. I have mostly worked in the care sector with the elderly. I also have a diploma in child care and education. I am looking forward to working with the students. I enjoy art, P.E. and cooking

Tracy Crosby

Student Mentor - Hi, I'm Tracy I have previous experience working in schools including most recently a secondary school. I enjoy learning new skills and my creative side comes in handy for coming up with bizarre experiments for the pupils. I love working at Primrose Hill as no two days are the same and I really enjoy the challenge. Socially, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends with trips to London, meals out and just generally having fun.


Anne Sumner

Student Mentor - My name is Anne and I am part of the team at Brookview School. I have 16 years’ experience in mainstream secondary schools in Herts and Essex. I previously worked as a Senior Associate Teacher and intervention tutor covering all subjects of the curriculum. I am also an experienced Maths tutor for KS2/3/4 and SEN students. I love my work and I am passionate about helping students achieve the best of their potential through positive engagement. My hobbies include singing in a ladies choir in Norfolk and the local church. I also play the piano and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have four grown up children including a daughter who has Asperger’s syndrome, epilepsy and learning difficulties. I am very much looking forward to my new role within the company and working with the students.

Jessica Wright

Student Mentor - Hi my name is Jess. i first came across Exceptional Ideas when my son was offered a place at Teaseldown, in 2010 . He stayed for 3 years, and it totally changed our lives for the better. I came to work as a Student Mentor in 2015 at Teaseldown. I finished my degree in 2016. BSc with honours in Mathematics. I now do outreach and when I'm not at work can usually be found with my four dogs, or riding my motorbike, or crocheting.

Charlotte Dilworth

Student Mentor - Hi I am Charlotte and I started working for Exceptional Ideas in February 2018. I have previously worked with vulnerable young adults. I enjoy being out and about and meeting new people and learning new skills. I love working at Exceptional Ideas as everyday is different.