Social Media Protocol


We are expanding our social media presence, in order to increase awareness of the company and the work we do, as well as creating stronger links and information exchanges with members of the community. Exceptional Ideas now has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a blog, all of which will be manned and updated regularly.

We are, however, aware that an increased internet presence must carry a corresponding concern for:
a) The safety and privacy of our students and staff.
b) The way in which our internet output reflects on Exceptional Ideas.



• To share information and keep in touch with the Exceptional Ideas community.
• To promote the school and students’ work and process to outside parties.
• To create a positive outside forum for children to showcase their abilities.



• This protocol applies to all Exceptional Ideas employees and contributors to the Exceptional Ideas blog and social media pages.



All contributers will:

• Only submit content to the blog, website, or any social media platform through the Exceptional Ideas accounts, the login details for which can be found below. For their own privacy, staff may not upload any content to the Exceptional Ideas pages using a personal account.
• Ensure that permission of a parent or guardian has been provided for all children who are shown or referenced in any content submitted for uploading. If parents or guardians have not given permission for their child to be shown or referenced, or if permission has been given with certain limitations, then the content submitted should reflect this.
• Some work may only be uploaded anonymously, with the student’s name and any identifying references removed.
• Some photos may be uploaded on the condition that certain children’s faces are not visible, or if the faces of these children are blurred.


Seniors and Admin staff will:

• Submit work, pictures, or information to be uploaded to the Social Media Coordinator by the end of every working week.


The Social Media Coordinator will:

• Regularly upload content submitted by staff.
• Monitor the Exceptional Ideas internet presence, blog and social media in order to ensure that the privacy and safety of staff, students and other members of the Exceptional Ideas community are protected.