Teaseldown School @ The Sugarloaves

Teaseldown School was the first school to be established by Exceptional Ideas Ltd. Originally opened in 2009 and situated in a 4 bedroom house, we catered for 8 students. By early 2015 however, we relocated to the Sugar Loaves in Sible Hedingham, where we currently reside. The Sugar Loves has been repurposed and refurbished, allowing us to improve our teaching methods via integration with technology. Furthermore, as a result of a larger premises, we have been able to expand our student body to 12, helping to reduce the number of families that are waiting for a place for their children. Teaseldown @ The Sugar Loaves is also registered as the company’s exam center, enabling all of our students across the three schools to take public examinations while still within a therapeutic setting.

Primrose Hill School

Primrose Hill School, was the second school to be opened by Exceptional Ideas Ltd., and has been operating since July 2013. The school is situated in an old Chapel in Chelmsford, close to the city center. The school is able to serve seven students, all of whom benefit from the school’s close proximity to London, via curriculum enhancing trips to the capital and its many educational sites. The school is also situated only a five-minute walk away from a large park, where the students make full use of football fields, tennis courts and country walks.

Brook View School

Brookview opened in mid 2015, and is the newest of Exceptional Ideas Ltd.’s schools. We are established in a converted old public house known as the Brewery Tavern in Wethersfield, close to Braintree. This school is equipped to cater for up to 10 students, all of whom benefit from the calm and idyllic setting in rural Essex through trips into the local community and also as a therapeutic influence. As part of our therapeutic program, we are also in the process of forging links within the local community, and regularly benefit from local sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts.

The Outreach Office

Located at NO.7 Park Farm in Black Notley, The Outreach Office, was set up in March 2017, to help us expand our home teaching service. A dedicated team there work to provide an education to those students for whom in school teaching is not suitable or in their early induction stages.